iQ426HEPA™ Dust Extractor

Dust collection unlike another extractor
in its class. Less than 1% of dust ever
reaches the filter.



From drywall dust to saw dust, the iQ426HEPA Cyclonic Dust Extractor is designed to be the most versatile dust extractor on the market today. Utilizing its integrated cyclonic filtration, the size and shape of the particles makes absolutely no difference.


With revolutionary multi-stage cyclonic filtration technology, the iQ426HEPA Cyclonic Dust Extractor is able to intercept large sized dust particles to protect your filter. A clean filter means it continues to run strong with powerful suction.

4 Stage Filtration = Money In Your Pocket

Less than 1% of dust will ever reach the filter because the iQ426HEPA is able to separate different sized dust particles at 4 different stages. A clean filter means less money spent on replacements and more money in your pocket.

iQ Smart Power Management

In addition to the auto start feature, the iQ426HEPA intelligently distributes power between the tool and the dust extractor, automatically giving your tool additional power when it needs it. This minimizes tripped circuit breakers and maximizes work performance.
With a 4-Stage Filtration Process Less than 1% of Dust Will Ever Reach the Filter.


The iQ426HEPA Cyclonic Dust Extractor is equipped with a four stage filtration system, two of which being the primary cyclone followed by the six secondary cyclones.
Utilizing this two stage cyclonic filtration process the cyclones pull and capture large and medium sized particles out of the airstream, keeping them from reaching the third and fourth stages (Durabond Filter and HEPA Filter).

Having cyclones filtering dust and debris at the first two stages not only protects your filter from clogging up and keeps your suction strong, it also gives the iQ426HEPA the versatility to pick up different types of debris of various sizes, without you ever worrying about clogging.

What makes this Vacuum Dust Collection System (VDCS) truly unique is the two stages of cyclonic filtration because this means that less than 1% of the dust ever reaches the filter. With a clean filter, vacuum suction stays strong and operating at its optimum performance level. The cyclonic filtration process and a clean filter is what gives the iQ426HEPA its powerful 190 CFM of suction power, making it the most efficient dust extractor in its class.


Stage 1: Primary Cyclone

The primary cyclone picks up the largest sized dust particles.

Stage 2:
6 Secondary Cyclones

TThe 6 secondary cyclones then pick up any medium to small sized dust particles.

Stage 3: Durabond Filter

Particles down to 0.5 µm are captured by the Durabond filter, which can be easily cleaned into the tub, using the Quickspin knob, before dust disposal.

Stage 4: HEPA Filter

In the final stage the HEPA filter captures 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 µm.


The Electrical Tool Power Outlet enables you to plug in a power tool which will automatically start the dust extractor once the tool is activated. While some vacuums allow you to manually dial down the power being drawn to accommodate for the power tool, one unique feature of the iQ426HEPA is that it will intelligently distribute power between the power tool and the dust extractor, giving your power tool additional power when it temporarily needs it. This intelligently manages your overall power draw, to minimize tripped circuit breakers.



    The heavy duty cart designed with industrial grade steel, provides protection and durability for the iQ426HEPA while maximizing job-site maneuverability. The iQ426HEPA is just as easy to move as a standalone unit. Once detached from the cart, the unit can be moved using the 4 industrial grade caster wheels attached to the bottom of the dust containment tub. This is great for smaller work areas that are hard to move around in. In addition to its 14 FT anti-static locking hose, the iQ426HEPA includes an integrated accessory rack with nozzles and adapters to meet all your dust collection needs.




    Dust collection unlike another extractor in its class. Less than 1% of dust ever reaches the filter. Get yours today!

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    iQ Power Tools manufactures a comprehensive range of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems for the concrete, masonry, hardscape and tile sectors.

    The company was founded by third-generation masons Joel and Paul Guth, who have logged over 30 years each in the masonry industry. Decades of experience taught them about dust problems; their company started out creating tools to solve their own problems only to realize these same issues affected all contractors…mess, money and a threat to the health and safety of the industry.

    iQ Power Tools envisions a future where their innovation helps create a 100% dust-free environment: jobsites are safer, work practices are healthier, and the construction industry becomes even more sustainable.