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The primary purpose of a saw is - can it cut quickly and efficiently? Of course, the most critical component of cutting is the blade. If the blade isn’t good quality, then you will have a bad experience, poor cuts, and excessive load on your saw motor which will lead to over-heating and damage. In order to create the best user experience possible and eliminate potential motor damage, we design and extensively test high quality blades to work with each iQ saw and material application to create a fully integrated system. Our Q-Drive® blades are built with Cool Cut Technology. This technology, combined with the built-in vacuum on iQ saws, keep the blade cool while cutting. The vacuum system also removes the cutting debris so the blade is not regrinding the same material, reducing friction and heat. Some other features in a Q-Drive blade include:


Our innovation doesn’t stop at saws. Through years of experience and testing, we have perfected our proprietary blades with the perfect ratio of high diamond to metal powder concentration. iQ Diamond Tools exceed the demands of the professional contractor. Optimized for rigorous work environments and designed with unparalleled durability, iQ Diamond Tools Q-Drive® Diamond Blades get the job done - cutting materials from hard ceramic tiles to highly abrasive bricks and blocks with speed, ease, and precision. When you see the “Q” seal of quality, you can be sure that it is backed by over three decades of industry experience and quality craftsmanship.


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0360-62002-02 - iqpowertools