Bartell Global & iQ Power Tools Announce Strategic Partnership

Bartell Global & iQ Power Tools Announce Strategic Partnership
IQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, has announced its new partnership with Bartell Global. The two organizations have united to create a strategic partnership which greatly enhances client experience.

Effective June 1, 2023, customers can exclusively find the entire IQ Power Tools product line through Bartell Global. This new collaboration makes IQ a comprehensive solution for all construction equipment needs, as it includes providing a wider range of products while offering increased local sales, training support and heightened value. Now all of these benefits and more will be immediately reachable with just one call or click.

"Our alliance with Bartell Global is an exhilarating development, allowing us to merge our individual strengths into a consolidated effort, which serves our clients even more effectively." said Jim Mackall, IQ's President.
"Whether you're an existing customer of either IQ Power Tools or Bartell Global, or both, this partnership presents significant benefits for everyone!
We encourage our clients to contact their local Territory Sales Manager to learn how this opportunity can cater to their specific needs!"

Mackall concluded, "Together, IQ Power Tools and Bartell Global, have rich histories of innovation and pioneering within the construction industry. We cannot wait to see what great things we will deliver to customers in the coming years." #opportunity #innovation #sales #construction #collaboration #power


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